About me

I have left academia and am currently a Software Engineering Team Lead at OutSystems.

I am also a former senior researcher at HASLab, one of the research units of INESC TEC, an invited assistant professor at the Porto Polytechnic Institute - ESTG and at the University of Minho, and a research collaborator (previously postdoc researcher) at C4 - Cloud Computing Competence Centre.

I obtained my PhD degree in 2018, under the MAP-i doctoral program, with the thesis titled “Energyware Engineering: Techniques and Tools for Green Software Development”. During this time, my research focused on reducing, analyzing, and optimizing the energy consumption levels for software, by using source code analysis and manipulation techniques. I was also awarded an FCT grant for my PhD research. I am also one of the founding members of the Green Software Lab research lab.

My research interest is Software Engineering, where I have worked on topics such as: software maintenance and evolution, code refactoring and quality, energy efficiency, large scale repositories, programming languages, data structures, and data mining for software improvement. In my research, I focus on improving the quality, (energy) efficiency, and usability of software systems.

Current interests focus on:

Green Software - analyzing and optimizing the energy consumption of software systems; targeting the lack of knowledge and tools which programmers currently have access to.

Humanized Software Systems - improving the usability and human interaction of programs; closing the gap between programmers and end-users (low-code, spreadsheet usage, data science, visual programming);